Five Core Tenets

Hey y’all (yes, I have already caught myself saying this). I want to take some time to discuss the five core tenets of the YAV Program. We learned more about these during our week long orientation in Stony Point, NY and I thought it would give people a better understanding of the program. I hope you enjoy learning more about the five tenets and how they’ll impact my year.

Intentional Christian Community: I am living with six other YAVs, which means the year will be full of reflection together. I will also be exploring my relationship with God and my ministry in a broken world. Intentional community will build honesty and integrity because no conversation with my housemates will be off limits during the year.

Simple Living: Throughout the year, I will be evaluating my true needs while living an abundant life with less. This tenet is not about trying to prove that I can complete the “challenge” of living simply. Instead, it will help me question money, resources, and time.

Cross-Cultural Mission: God’s creation is so diverse. As I explore this diversity, I will be pushed outside my comfort zone, while examining my own life and actions. I will work to confront the systematic challenges of race, class, gender, and power.

Leadership Development through Faith in Action: My leadership skills will develop as I respond to poverty, violence, and injustice while walking alongside the locals of New Orleans. “Faith in action” means I will be sharing the gospel through word and deed.

Vocational Discernment: This year will be filled with theological reflection and spiritual practices. With the support of fellow YAVs and mentors, I will be actively participating in vocational discernment (unearthing God’s desires for my life), which is a life-long process with many “goals”.

All five tenets, or values, have the intent of pushing each and every YAV towards growth. Thanks for reading my first YAV post! Let me know if there is anything specific you are wanting me to post about. 🙂 The pictures below are from orientation last week.

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