I’m Not the Same…

Hello again! After a lot of thought, I have decided to continue this blog even though classes are over. I think it is a great way for me to share some of my life with the internet. There isn't going to be a schedule for my posts. Instead, I am just going to write whenever... Continue Reading →

Week Ten: What Have I Learned?

Throughout these last ten weeks I have grown in ways I would’ve never grown staying in America. I have learned that material things honestly don’t matter. I would tell myself this back in the states, but I don’t think I truly believed it. Since traveling around Europe, I have seen many different styles of living... Continue Reading →

Week Nine: Let’s Talk Mental Health

Anxiety is real. Not everyone experiences it, but some of us will live with it the rest of our lives. Only a small group of family/friends know I've struggled with anxiety since junior year of high school. I attended counseling for two years and that was probably the best thing I could've done for my mental... Continue Reading →

Week Eight: Interaction With Locals

Throughout my stay here in Olomouc, I have had countless encounters with the local people. If I'm being completely honest, the thought of talking to people who might not speak any English frightened me. How would I communicate with them? Luckily, a lot of locals speak English (especially those my age). There have been a... Continue Reading →

Week Seven: Weekend in Paris

J'aime Paris. There, I said it. I love Paris. Once we found out we were given a three day weekend during our program, I knew Paris was the place I wanted to visit. Luckily, two friends also wanted to visit this well-known city. Before we knew it, Friday was here, our bags were packed, and... Continue Reading →

Weeks Five & Six: The Maze City

It looks like I have successfully survived spring break. The whole group started our two week break off in Vienna, Austria and Venice, Italy. From here, we were on our own and able to travel wherever our hearts desired. Two girls and I decided to visit four other cities in Italy. We went to Florence,... Continue Reading →

Week Four: STUDYing Abroad

I have officially been in the Czech Republic for one whole month. This seriously blows my mind because it feels like I just stepped off the plane last week. How has time already gone by so fast? I am praying it starts to slow down a little bit; I am definitely not ready to leave... Continue Reading →

Week Two: What Am I Speaking?

Within the short two weeks of being in the Czech, I have encountered a multitude of different languages. Spanish, German, Italian, Czech, and many more are being spoken by people around me daily. Obviously Czech is the language I hear the most, but other languages are heard because I live in the international housing. Hearing different languages... Continue Reading →

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